Tennis Court Maintenance Tips


A properly maintained Tennis Court Maintenance will provide many years of enjoyable play. It is important to keep in mind that while Tennis Court Maintenance is a task that can be done by the owner, it is better left to a professional to ensure the proper repair and cleaning procedures are completed.

Routinely sweep the surface of the court with a soft-bristled broom or brush. This will remove any dirt, leaves or pine needles that are accumulating. These organic materials stain the surface of the court and act like sandpaper under player’s feet, which causes damage to the playing surface. This is especially true in shaded areas and corners of the court.

During rain showers, a good drainage system is essential to prevent water accumulation on the court. This can damage the subbase and cause bubbles in the colorcoat. Drainage systems should be inspected regularly to ensure they are functioning as designed. Debris, dirt and leaves can clog drains, so it is important to clear away any debris on or around the court.

DIY vs. Professional Tennis Court Maintenance: Pros and Cons

Mold and mildew can also occur on the court, especially in shady areas that remain moist and nutrient-rich. This can damage the coating, so it is best to scrub the court with mild detergent and water on an annual basis to kill any spores or mold.

It is also important to ensure that the court has a fence, a secure net and that the lines are visible. A yearly inspection is recommended, including looking for signs of wear, erosion, cracks and weed growth. Then it is time to assess the condition of the fence, netting, lines and net and make any necessary repairs or replacements.