The Best Beaches in Barbados


The best beach in barbados is known for its pristine beaches and Caribbean waters, with east and west coast beaches ideal for swimming, snorkeling and paddleboarding. Families with young children prefer the calm seas of the south and west coast, while surfers flock to the rugged eastern side of Barbados.

On the southeast coast, Crane Beach is a cove that gets endless mentions in top travel magazines. Its pink-hued sand, coconut trees and 80ft cliffs create the perfect backdrop for sunbathing, swimming and taking long, meditative walks. The water can get choppy, so approach with caution, but bodyboarding is a popular activity here.

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Further up the east coast, Bathsheba Beach offers a picturesque setting for seaside lunches and leisurely strolls. The rocky coast, fizzing waves and dazzling views make this beach a must-visit for those who enjoy nature, adventure, and a sense of hidden-away charm. Cattlewash Beach is a similar destination, and can be found north of Bathsheba. This biscuit-colored strip of sand is flanked by rugged scenery, and its natural pools carved out of cliffs offer safe and refreshing bathing options.

For a family-friendly option, Rockley Beach (or Accra Beach as it’s also called) can’t be beat. This sandy beach on the southern coast is a favorite of locals and cruise ship passengers alike, but it’s tucked away enough that kids can safely swim in the calm eastern end and older swimmers can boogie board in the livelier waves farther up the cove. Umbrellas and lounge chairs are available for rent, and you can search for crabs in the rockpools or stop at a beach shack for a frozen treat.…