How to Repair Sprinkler Systems

Cheap sprinkler system repair in Vancouver WA  system can help you have a healthy, beautiful lawn and garden. However, even the best-built systems experience issues from time to time that can affect their performance and functionality. Learn how to identify these common problems and do-it-yourself ways to fix them.

Sprinkler Head Clog

Clogged sprinkler heads can reduce water flow and cause erratic spraying or patchy coverage in your yard. The first step is to shut off the water supply and then remove the head for cleaning. Try using a damp cloth or a sprinkler head brush to dislodge any debris stuck inside the nozzle. For stubborn clogs, soak the head in warm water and vinegar before trying again. Once the head is clean, wipe down the valve box and then reattach it to the riser.

“Sprinkle of Expertise: A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Repair Your Sprinkler System

Leaky sprinklers are more than just unsightly, they can also lead to unnecessary water waste and damage your lawn and garden. Common causes of leaks include freezing temperatures if the system isn’t winterized properly, landscaping damage and faulty valve boxes.


A solenoid is an electromagnet that communicates with the controller to open and close your sprinkler system valves. Replacing a solenoid requires removing the entire valve from the pipe, replacing the old solenoid with the new one, and reassembling it correctly. To ensure this delicate process is done correctly, it’s best to consult the manufacturer’s guide for step-by-step instructions or hire a professional. If you’re looking to upgrade your irrigation system, consider a smart controller that allows you to manage the sprinkler schedule from your smartphone or tablet.