Round Table Rentals

When planning for your event, the type of tables you use is a key element to creating the overall look and feel. Whether you are hosting an elegant wedding, nonprofit gala or a corporate training session, round table rentals are a popular choice as they promote conversation among guests and make it easy for everyone to see each other.

The rounded shape of a round table also allows it to seat more people in a smaller area than a rectangular table of the same size. This space efficiency is perfect for tight dining nooks or even more expansive open floor plans, where every square foot counts.

Cocktail Tables (Often referred to as High Tops or Hi-Boy Tables) – Ideal for reception and events without a meal Cocktail tables encourage guests’ networking and mingling, they work well with or without bar stools. If using outside, we recommend a 132″ round linen paired with a chair tie to keep the linen in place and not blowing in the wind.

Communal Tables – Great for adding height to your event or seating areas Communal tables are a popular trend in weddings and events, they are a modern and sleek style that works great with our rustic farm tables. Big D offers communal tables in both round and rectangle.

Half Round Tables – Best for sweetheart or guest of honor tables

The most popular of all wedding table styles, the half-round is a classic way to celebrate a bride and groom’s special day. It can be paired with an elegant Chiavari or love seat to create a beautiful, personalized sweetheart table. These versatile tables can also be used for guest of honor tables, cake or gift tables at birthday parties or anniversaries, satellite bars and wait stations for catering staff.