Direct Mail Providers

direct mail providers

While it may seem like the world is going digital, direct mail still has a significant place in marketing. In fact, according to a 2020 MarketingCharts study, 59% of survey respondents said that adding direct mail into their multichannel strategy increased their return on investment. Go here

If your business relies on the direct mail process, you need a company that can handle the entire workflow from design to printing and shipping. BR Printers is a Denver-based print shop that can help you create and mail eye-catching direct mailers to your target customers. Our team can segment your data and provide lead and list management services to optimize your direct mail campaign. Reach out today to learn more about our services and see how we can help your next direct mail campaign succeed.

Postcard Mailing Service: Making Your Marketing Campaigns Seamless and Effective

PostGrid is a direct mail provider that automates the personalization, printing, and delivery of custom mailers to ensure accurate mailing every time. The platform also offers a bulk address verification API to validate and standardize addresses, which improves the deliverability of your direct mailers. PostGrid is ideal for businesses with high-volume mailing needs.

PsPrint is a well-rounded direct mail provider that provides both offset and digital printing services. Its online platform makes it easy to create and dispatch personalized direct mail pieces in a few clicks. Moreover, it supports email and call tracking to help marketers better understand their direct mail campaigns. The only drawback is that its customer service can take a little longer to respond to queries.