Engine Diagnostics Kansas City

As a car owner, you spend lots of time in your vehicle. That means you are aware of every detail—whether it is the fact that your AC takes a while to get cold or the broken cup holder in the backseat that always spills drinks. That kind of intimate knowledge of your vehicle is great, but you should also be able to tell when there’s something wrong with it. If you experience slow cranking, rough idling, or if your check engine light is on, it’s time to get your engine diagnostics Kansas City taken care of by an expert.

How much is a diagnostic engine?

Modern vehicles use a system called the On-Board Diagnostics (OBD) to monitor different aspects of your vehicle and record them as error codes. When one of these sensors reads that an Engine repair KCMO parameter doesn’t fall within factory specifications, it triggers the check engine light to warn you. Using special software, technicians can read these error codes and find out what’s wrong with your engine.

The ASE-certified mechanics at Northtown Auto Clinic have more than thirty years of combined technical experience in handling all types of cars and trucks. They provide bumper-to-bumper solutions including air conditioning repair, brake work, heating and electrical service, and engine and transmission repair. They even offer hybrid maintenance and repair for local drivers. They believe in helping people stay safe on the road and are proud to be a certified Car Care Council shop.